Thursday, July 30, 2015

Backpacks for back to school

Hey guys! My old school Jansport is still going strong from last year, but I've been checking out some super cute backpacks recently and thought I'd share some of my favorites! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How to stay updated on current events

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I'm telling you this with love because it's something you need to hear. You need to keep up with current events. You are a grown ass woman and you are blessed enough to be reading this blog in some comfy shelter and I bed you got to eat breakfast this morning. What I'm saying is we're blessed with what we have, so the least we can do it stay up to date on what's going on in the community, country and world around you.

I think I may have it a little easier by working at the paper, it's literally part of my job to read news stories. But for the average college aged woman, becoming informed about important issues around is either laborious or boring.

Here are a few ways you can keep up with local, national and global current events.

1. Listen to NPR – Not gonna lie, I had to look up what station NPR is on, but I will say it's now a preset in my car. Instead of listening to the same songs over and over again, listen to little bits of news on your way to school and work. You're already sitting in your car anyway, why not learn why people are so getting riled up about high school text books.

2. Get a news app – Whether it's your school paper, your local paper or the NYTimes app, get something to read the news on your phone. The NYTimes app is really good, and for a monthly fee, you can get a list of briefs (super short stories) with everything you need to stay informed. The problem with this is it doesn't include your local news, but for the big things it's really useful. Read while you're waiting on the elevator, or walking from the parking garage. That time you spend stalking your ex on Instagram could easily be better spent. 

3. Read full stories about things that interest you – So you're reading your news app and you see something that either affects you or you're really interested in. Go online and read the full article. I won't tell anyone if you skim, but at least make a habit of reading a news article per day. 

4. Make your homepage some sort of news site – Mine is GoogleNews which I like because you can adjust what type of stories you see from various news outlets. Choose a news organization that updates daily so when you go to flip on Orange is the New Black you have to glance at the evening's headlines. Again, if you see something that interest you, take the time to actually read the article. 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Taking Stock July week 5

I've been obsessing over this song the past week after finding it on a songza playlist. How's y'alls week been?

Here are some posts I've been up to this week

Wanting: For it to be fall weather already so I can get back into my riding boots
Reading: White Teeth by Zadie Smith - Still
Watching: The second half of the newest Suits season, Adrian's the one who watches it but I'm getting strangely addicted
Wearing: My light chambray button down almost every single day and these Ray Ban shades my parents got me for my birthday.

Here's what I've been reading this week

I've been craving some home style BBQ that doesn't cost an arm and a led at Rudys. This looks perfect

Some pretty rad advice and a great post from Cath in College!

If case you've already finished season 3 of Orange is The new Black Miss Millennia Mag has the hook up

Your complete guide to choosing a planner right before school starts. Dani's post here is so in-depth!

Some posts from yours truly
Staying connected as a commuter student // Tips for finding work life balance // This summer maxi skirt outfit // This pastel free downloadable phone background

Here are some bloggers I've been following back this week
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Free downloadable phone background

Hey guys! I made a free downloadable phone background from a song I'm featuring in tomorrow's taking stock post. I was inspired to try out this typography trick from this pin, which ended up being a little more challenging than I originally thought. I think I still like theirs better. I've really been into girl pastels recently, so I though this lilac was a perfect way to bring summer to a close. If you have any recommendations for quotes or designs, or if you'd like another size, please hit me up on twitter or by email.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer maxi skirt

Hey guys! I hope you're having a great week. This weeks outfit is something I tested out a little while ago and fell in love with how breezy and comfortable it is. The weather in Texas is finally getting into the 100s, and I've basically been living light t-shirts and tanks with a bandeau underneath. For this outfit I just rolled the bottom of the tank top up and made myself a little know to give me more of a waist. I've also been wearing my simple Dogeared necklace almost every day this week. My bangle is from LOFT, final sale because it's from last season.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Finding work life balance

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Blogging is something I really love to do, but recently- within the last three months- I feel like it’s started to consume my life. I’m definitely a workaholic, with three jobs right now and a blog that publishes six times a week. I’ve started treating my blog like a business, which is what I hope for it to be eventually. My problem is there’s always something I could be doing for my blog, whether that’s writing a new post, interacting with followers or researching ways to look skinnier in photos. That means almost every moment of my free time is dedicated to blogging.

So here I am, trying to find a work-life balance before the semester starts and I’m completely overrun with school work to even think about relaxation. I’ve come up with a few goals in my project to take fun seriously.

1. Spend more time with my family and boyfriend  – For a while there, Adrian and I would have a weekly dinner at my parent’s house, something that’s started to wane as I’ve been working more. I’ve also haven’t had time to shoot my little sister’s senior pictures or go on a lunch date with my mom.
2. Come home once a week and just chill – The great think about blogging is I can do it (almost) anywhere. If I’m really desperate I can even do it on my phone on the terribly outdated blogger app. So a lot of the times I come home from work and the first thing I do Is plop down on the couch with some tea and start writing.
3. Spend more time reading for pleasure – I started using audible a few months ago and I have two credits waiting for me online. I'm in the middle of White Teeth, by Zadie Smith and The Emperor's Children by Claire Messu.

4.Spend more time cooking – Adrian and I love cooking together, but in our teeny tiny apartment kitchen it can be kind of difficult  /dangerous with us both in there at the same time. Regardless, I've had a few recipes I've been wanting to try out including

Here are some tips for finding work life balance

1. Scheduling everything 

I've been using google calendar to keep up with my various shifts at work and things I want to take care of around the apartment. I've created different calendars color coded to match my planner. Here's an image of one of my busy weeks from this month. I use yellow for my retail job, purple for my internship, green for my newspaper job, pink for my blog and blue for personal stuff. By scheduling everything I make sure to make time for the big stuff, like work, and the small stuff, like posting to Instagram. 
schedule, google calendar, ical, planner,

2. Schedule in some fun

I've been finding it's important to schedule in things to do with my family and boyfriend. We're planning a big vacation the week right before school starts. It's been a little bit of a struggle rescheduling appointments and trainings I had before school starts, but it's something definitely worth it. Fun doesn't have to be a big vacation though, it can be something as simple as spending the afternoon outside with the people you love. Adrian and I spend an afternoon at the Fort Worth Water Gardens and the botanic gardens. Try to avoid rescheduling these type of events though because they're the kind of thing that gets left off a calendar if postponed too long.

3. Learn to say no 

This is easy for me cuz I'm an introvert, but don't feel the need to say yes to every single social event you're invited to. If you feel your energy is sapped from spending all day folding sweaters, then it's ok to just go home and veg out. Not feeling like it is a perfect excuse to turn down dinner and a movie. If you have trouble being so blunt just use the old 'I'm broke' say so or whatever. Same thing applies for volunteering, if you know you're already feeling stretched thin, don't offer up your very valuable free time.

4. Pamper yourself

I love taking a day of the week to spend some valuable me time. I don't get to do it often, but spending an evening in a bubble bath with my kindle is one of my favorite things. I also have been using this clay mud mask from movies that I was almost sure didn't exist until I went to a lush store in Dallas. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How to stay plugged in on campus as a commuter student

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     A lot of people, myself included, commute to college every morning. My apartment is a good 30 minute drive with traffic from my university, and it can be hard to feel plugged in when you're not living next door to your classes. Here are a few ways to stay connected as a commuter student.

1. Study on campus

It can be very tempting to head straight home after your last class of the day, but resist the urge. I've found that staying on campus to study makes me focus more and I'm more likely to actually get work done. I've been working on a roster of great hidden study spots around campus that I cycle through when I get too bored. Knowing all the best nooks around campus can help you feel more apart of it.

2. Try and attend games when you can 

 My school doesn't have a football team, but basketball is really popular. Home games are a great way to rally behind your university, not just the team, even watching an intramural sport can get you excited about your campus. Some games happen in the early afternoon, meaning you wouldn't have to go home and come back. Games make an awesome date night because it's normally pretty cheap.

3. Read the student newspaper 

 Your student paper is a great resource to stay up to date on the university. Most of the time you can get hard copies of the paper for free around campus or follow your paper on social media and check out their website. Knowing the news
about your school keeps you in the loop on major events and policies happening around you. 

4. Attend events, at least the big ones

I'm not a big go out and do stuff kind of person #introvertstatus. But I do make a point of attending the really big events and traditions. Each fall my university has a huge mud volleyball tournament. I had to work that day last fall, but stopping by and hanging out to watch some friends was a lot of fun. Speaking of big events...

5. Go to homecoming

There's always this homecoming high that happens during the fall. Homecoming was one of the few events I attended last year and I had so much fun. They had free food from around the community and made a point of handing out tons of swag - like the 20 or so buttons pinned to my cork board. Homecoming is a great way to feel connected to your university as a commuter, even if it's late in the evening consider making a point of going.

6. Workout on campus

 I'm really bad about this one. I actually pay for a gym membership off campus that's closer to my house, but it's a really good tip for those wanting to workout before or after class. Your gym membership on campus should be free or at least very cheap for students. Pack a gym bag to leave on the car and drive over or pick it up after your last class of the day.

7. Get an on-campus job

This one might be a little harder if you live off campus and have to make a certain amount of money for rent and such. But if you have extra time look into finding an on campus job with the Rec center or student newspaper.

8. Make lunch dates on campus

I normally eat lunch in the newspaper office, but I always see people in the communal seating area eating lunches they brought from home. Meal plans or buying food can get really expensive. Scope out the shared microwaves around campus and meet friends after class to share lunch. 

9. Join some organizations

Look into the different organizations on campus that are interesting to your or relate to your major. There should be an activities fair each semester where you can see what your university has to offer. It's fine to ask when these groups meet. If you know you're not going to be on campus at eight p.m. for ultimate frisbee practice three nights a week, then it's probably not a good idea to sign up.

If you have any questions about what it's like to commute to campus then tweet me @that_cool_girl or email me at

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Taking Stock July Week 4

Hey guys! So last week I went on campus to shoot my outfit post and midway to this shaded area on the library mall the top part of my tripod popped off. I ended up losing the little piece and had to shoot without it. So I look very mad in all of last week's photos. I finally got it fix–with a bolt I had lying around– so I'll be out shooting again for next week.

Here's a little of what I've been reading

How many things have you crossed off your summer bucket list?

Dealing with the big and little things

Sooooo making these this week

I need this top, and those shorts, and her shades

Here are some posts I've been working on
Finding your signature style // Some white accessories for summer // Why you should probably get a job at your college paper // Beyond business casual (with my very upset looking pics) // Free printable syllabi sheet 

I'm keeping it short this week guys see y'all tomorrow.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Printable Syllabi sheet

Hey guys happy Monday. I made this minimalist printable this week just in time for fall. I finally got my fall schedule set in stone and I'm expecting to get some syllabi out next month. I wanted to give you guys a free printable to help you stay organized this semester. Last spring I was flipping through my binder looking for a professor's email when I realized I needed one page with quick info about all my classes. So I made this worksheet thing to keep all your professor's info in one place.

free, printable, print, download, college, college organization, organized, organization, planner, worksheet, cheat sheet, minimal design

free, printable, print, download, college, college organization, organized, organization, planner, worksheet, cheat sheet, minimal design

You can download and print it from the widget below. If you like behind the scenes looks at my designs or wanna keep up with all things The College Girl Daily, follow me on the platforms below. Thanks and I'll see y'all tomorrow!

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beyond Business Casual

fashion, college, wardrobe, heels, hat, sunglasses, raybands, baseball t, watch, fossil watch, blue, spikes, bracelet, slacks, trousers,
fashion, college, wardrobe, heels, hat, sunglasses, raybands, baseball t, watch, fossil watch, blue, spikes, bracelet, slacks, trousers,
fashion, college, wardrobe, heels, hat, sunglasses, raybands, baseball t, watch, fossil watch, blue, spikes, bracelet, slacks, trousers,
fashion, college, wardrobe, heels, hat, sunglasses, raybands, baseball t, watch, fossil watch, blue, spikes, bracelet, slacks, trousers,
fashion, college, wardrobe, heels, hat, sunglasses, raybands, baseball t, watch, fossil watch, blue, spikes, bracelet, slacks, trousers,

Before my job at LOFT, I never owned a pair of trousers. Well, there were those terrible high-waisted menswear slacks I had to wear at my fist job scooping ice cream, but I've blocked that from my memory. Anyway, black skinny trousers are my number one staple for my internship wardrobe. It's so easy to throw them on with a T-shirt, cardigan and necklace an call it a day. I especially love these trousers with my Nine west pumps, they're comfortable enough to wear at the office all day. 

This outfit is very simple, so it's all about the details. I layered mixed-metal bracelets with a small pop of color for an edgy, yet feminine look. 

p.s. I broke my tripod right before this shoot so I look so mad in all these photos.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Why you should probably get a job at your college paper

college, news, newspaper, college experience, journalism, career, experience, writing, English, degree, college freshman, college jobs, college career, university, Texas, student, student experience, college life, education

If your major is journalism, business, advertising, marketing, communication, broadcast journalism, photography, English, communication technologies, studio art, administration or anything of the kin, you should probably get a job at your college paper. 

I'm on my third semester this summer working at The Shorthorn. I started –straight out of high school– as the liberal arts reporter, then moved to the life and entertainment editor, and now I'm copy editing and page designing.

Working at your college paper is probably one of the best things you can do during your time in school for a few reasons.

1. It gives you clips and hands on experience – I don't even want to be a journalist when I graduate –something I know only because I worked at the paper, but more on that later. But I do have a nice little stack of writing clips to give to an employer in a pinch. I also have graphic design and copy edit clips from my various jobs throughout the newsroom. Experience is what makes you stand out after graduation. If two journalism graduates apply for a job, the one with more experience gets the job. We had a professional speak to us last semester who said he doesn’t look at resumes without experience, and your student paper is the place to get it. Even if you only have a semester before you graduate, any experience is better than no experience.

2. You get to meet and interact with professionals at your university and in your community – There are some pretty amazing people at UTA, and working as a reporter gave me the opportunity to learn what they're all about. My one semester as a liberal arts reporter I got to meet a theater professor working with robots, students who were spending hundreds of dollars to put on their own production, a jazz professor who used pots and pans to record a CD, and a professor who specialized in theatrical combat. I’ve also gotten to interact with the student congress president, the former dean of my college and the president of the university. Use your time on campus to create a network from the people around you. Working at the paper also gives you the chance to meet and work with students with the same interest as you, something you can't get paying for a sorority.

But it’s not just people on campus; working at the paper has also connected me with professionals around the metroplex. The Shorthorn is really good about bringing in the movers and shakers in the industry. 

3. You get to practice writing – As a college student, writing is one of our most valuable skills. Journalistic writing is very different from what I write here on The College Girl Daily and completely different from what you do in English class. Journalistic writing is suppose to be clear and to the point, and communicating this way in your writing makes you stand out post graduation. 

4. Scholarships and travel – The Shorthorn is really good about scholarships, not just having them but connecting us to others in the area. Since beginning at the paper, I’ve received over $1000 in scholarships plus got to travel to the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference in San Antonio last spring. I’m not saying you’re gonna get rich working at your college paper–not at all actually–, but there are some pretty sweet perks out there.

5. You don’t have to be a reporter – It took me two semesters to realize I didn’t want to be a reporter post graduation. My main reason being I like knowing when my job is done instead of always being able to find follow up stories. The only reason I know this is because I got into the newsroom early. I would have been up a creek after graduation with my Journalism degree in hand had I not realized this.

 But there’s so much that goes into a newsroom besides reporting. Our paper has a professional caliber advertising and marketing department where people get tons of experience selling to companies in our community. I work as a copy editor and page designer, who checks things for style and designs how the paper looks. We also have a group of people who work with web design creating micro sites like this one.

There are tons of jobs in the newsroom that you probably wouldn't know about. Spend a few minutes researching your school paper to see what jobs they have to offer.

Disclaimer: It takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it – Working at your college paper isn’t going to be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. There is so much to learn in the newsroom and there’s plenty of room to make mistakes. I’d much rather make a mistake at my college paper than in my professional career. Working at the paper can be stressful at times, especially when you're taking on a lot of classes. But it puts you heads and shoulders above your classmates in terms of professionalism, experience, clips, scholarships and more.

I encourage you to look into the paper at your university this coming fall. If you have any questions what it’s like working at a paper, or how to balance working at the paper with school, feel free to email me at

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Finding your signature style

fashion, college, wardrobe, outfit, OOTD, office, style, casual, how to, signature,

     I've been working a lot to grow The College Girl Daily this summer. Part of that includes research about fashion and style. Tons of articles and posts say, as a fashion blogger, I should have a signature style, which gives me a certain amount of anxiety.

     So I've slowly been developing my style by experimenting a lot with my recent fashion posts.

     Style should be about expressing yourself, not defining yourself with the types of clothes you wear. In an average week I spend a fair amount of time in jeans in a t-shirt and, because of my internship, an equal amount of time in slacks and heels.

     Here are some things I've been doing to slowly develop my personal style

1. Read, read, read – I've started following tons of bloggers on Instagram recently to see what everyone else is out there doing. I've also been doing lame google searches like summer 2015 fashion trends and junk. That whole white on white thing is really popular, but I just get too nervous around easily stainable clothes to try it out. The point is to get ideas for your wardrobe that are practical for your everyday life. 

2. Shop your closet – Look at some of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. Mine are a casual striped t-shirt, chambray button downs in dark and light denim, and a gold piano necklace. Think about why you like these items and when you shop look for similar things. For example, I like loose fitting t-shirts that are longer so I can do a half-tuck and shorter necklaces that balance my short height. Look at these garments as a whole and decide if it's the cut, fabric or style you like and look for that in other items.

3. Look at your body – There's tons of articles out there about dressing for your body type, and while a lot of those do have some solid advice, I've realized there are no rules when it comes to fit. The only way to tell if something looks good on you is to try it on, which is why I rarely online shop for clothes. I do, however, tell my clients at work to dress for the body they have. It's a waste of money to get what my friend calls 'dream jeans' with hopes of losing weight. If you're wanting to slim down, reward yourself after and buy new things then.

4. Consider your lifestyle– If you're in college, you daily shoe-wear isn't going to be heels, I don't care how high fashion you consider yourself. Your wardrobe should be practical for your everyday life, which is why I have to keep myself from buying really nice office dresses from work when the only place I have to wear them is class.

5. Write up a list– This doesn't have to be a one time trip kind of list, but make a list of items you want to include in your wardrobe to reference when you shop. I keep mine on my phone so it's always with me when I shopThe more specific the items the better. Your wardrobe list keeps you on track when you're shopping and takes a lot of pressure off of finding the perfect new top.

What type of pieces are essential to your wardrobe?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Taking Stock July week 3

Hey guys, It's been such a slow week, I'm finally starting to get use to my schedule right when summer is more than halfway over. I've been working so much behind the scenes for The College Girl Daily and I can't wait for some the coming months. I've been trying to schedule in all my last minute getaways and boring necessary doctor's appointments before school starts in late August. But honestly I'm eager for classes to get started again.

Here's what I've been reading this week.

A little behind the scenes of the blogging world.

 Janelle's story of anxiety is so inspirational, this is one you absolutely should not miss.

Getting ready for your next semester

Here are some posts I've been working on this week
Habits to pick back up this summer // My nighttime routine // Things to do before each semester // My new favorite t-shirt // A free phone background. I've also created a media kit located under my features tab, if you're interested in collaborating

Here's who I've been following back this week

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Follow me on insta, twitter, pinterest and snapchat all below and I'll see you guys tomorrow
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Monday, July 13, 2015

Gradient phone background

Hey guys, here's a free downloadable phone background for you guys today. I'm a very strait forward person, so this quote speak especially well to me. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people beat around the push trying to tell me something. Designers and writers have to be really good at taking criticism because projects go through so many edits to be done. Most of the time I'm my own worse critic, but that's another post.

I've really been loving this teal/green for the summer and have been on the hunt for some accessories with the hue to match some shorts I have. Let me know whatcha think in the comments below and I'll see y'all tomorrow.
iphone, android, phone background, pretty, phone, smart phone, quote, motivational, design, typography, intro inline,

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Striped T-Shirt and minimal necklace

t-shirt, T-shirt, shorts, denim shorts, jorts, sunglasses, ray bands, half bun, stripes, striped, striped t-shirt, converse, high tops, dogeared, loft, loveloft,

t-shirt, T-shirt, shorts, denim shorts, jorts, sunglasses, ray bands, half bun, stripes, striped, striped t-shirt, converse, high tops, dogeared, loft, loveloft,

t-shirt, T-shirt, shorts, denim shorts, jorts, sunglasses, ray bands, half bun, stripes, striped, striped t-shirt, converse, high tops, dogeared, loft, loveloft,

t-shirt, T-shirt, shorts, denim shorts, jorts, sunglasses, ray bands, half bun, stripes, striped, striped t-shirt, converse, high tops, dogeared, loft, loveloft,

Hey guys! This week's outfit is super casual but I haven't gotten to show off my new favorite t-shirt from work yet. I feel like a t-shirt connoisseur should be a thing, because I love tees that I can throw on with a simple outfit and still look great. I especially love the cut of the sleeve on this one, it's longer, but not too much to get in the way, which gives it a laid back vibe. I paired it with my my new Ray Band sunglasses and necklace from Dogeared that I got for my birthday. For behind the scenes looks at my shoots, follow me on snapchat below.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Things to do before each semester

college, to do, college freshman, fall, summer, school, classes, books, textbooks, education, college, degree, back to school,

Cool your pants, it's not time for back to school yet. But it is almost time for summer two sessions at my university. I decided to just work over the summer, but a lot of people at the paper are taking classes these two months. So I decided to whip up my to do list before each semester.

1. Print those Syllabi - Your syllabi are 20% useless junk and 80% vital information that will help you pass a class. Regardless, you should print all your syllabi and actually read them before stowing them away in your daily binder or folder. My past professors didn't post the syllabus until a week before classes started, so keep an eye out for them on blackboard.

2. Take stock of your supplies - I love shopping for school supplies, like a lot. But you're just wasting money buying things you already have or don't need. I got this really nice planner before my freshman year of college and ended up not using it because it didn't fit with my work flow. This isn't your first time in school, so you should know some basics. I typically buy a really nice, five-star notebook for each of my classes and maybe a pack of post-its.

3. Scope out your text books - With just two semester under my belt I've kinda started to figure out what classes require the book and what ones don't. Spanish and math most definitely, but my communications classes are a lot more group oriented. Honestly a lot depends on the professor, so wait a week or two before buying all of your text books. But for classes you know 100% you'll be using the book, go ahead and get it. Last semester for Spanish I got the book early and had my first chapters worth of flash cards done before syllabus day. Also, try your very hardest not to buy your textbooks new. A simple Google search with the title and author can save you so much money.

4. Clean out your backpack and desk - Even during the summer I use my desk all the time. Mostly because I blog a ton, but my desk acts as a landing zone for important stuff like bills and Victoria's Secret coupons. Take the time before the school year to clean up and out your desk and backpack, being sure not to trash your electricity bill. This gives you a solid month and a half buffer time before you lose your desk under a pile of papers.

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