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Taking Stock: April week 4

     This band opened for Matt & Kim this past weekend and I fell instantly in love. I've already downloaded their newest CD.

Wanting: A pedicure
Reading: Cloud Atlas ( yes...still still) and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (still)
Bookmarking: The HCBN Pinterest board
Feeling: in trouble for not having done any math homework the past month
Listening: Waters
Watching: Game of Thrones
Wearing: These sandals I got from work

Here's what I've been reading this week.

I definitely need this: bracelet that turns the hair tie on your wrist into something chic

Sophomore year here we come

I love her skirt AND she can write



Social Media Self Esteem: Facebook

Yer a wizard

Summer can't come fast enough

A few posts I did this week: A college Professional outfit, Summer Sandals, and Free Phone backgound.

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In background collegeFre designs free Iphone iphone 4 iphone 5 iphone 6 phone phone background

Free Phone Background

free, background, iphone, download, printable, college pretty, spring , pretty

     I've been trying to figure out geometric patterns for a while now. It took me over five tutorials but I finally figured it out. I realized the other day that all my designs were a little drab, so I used TONS of spring colors for this design. 

iPhone 4

iPhone 5

iPhone 6

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In college fashion sandals summer

Summer Sandals

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In college designs Printables school

Free Phone Background

Here's a background I whipped up last week, below are images for iPhone 4, 5 and 6. To set one of these as your background, open it on your phone, then press and hold and select "Save Image." It will be put into your camera roll where you can set it as your background. Let me know if you have a specific request for a background, I'd be more than happy to make em.
college, quotes, background, motivation,
iPhone 4
free, college, quotes, background
iPhone 5

college, motivation
iPhone 6

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In college fashion

College Professional Outfit

Spring, wardrobe, College wardrobe, professional, forever 21,

Spring, forever 21, white blazer, fashion, college, professionalCollege, forever 21, American Eagle, professional, spring, Pink, spring, wardrobe, bun, half up, casual, college, hair,

College, forever 21, wardrobe, spring, outfit, maxi skirt,

college, wardrobe, forever21, spring, white blazer,

White Blazer and Gray T-Shirt: LOFT // Maxi Skirt: American Eagle // Sneakers: Converse // Scarf: Thrifted

     I shot a comfy yet business casual outfit today. I love this maxi skirt, even if I neglected it all winter. I'm constantly torn between finding outfits that are comfortable for tromping around campus but still nice enough to pop into an interview with a source last minute. The structured blazer is what keeps the outfit just professional enough.

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Taking Stock: April week 3

Can we be done with school yet? I've made nothing but plans for summer and I'm so over learning about preterite tenses in Spanish. 

Wanting: A Shopping venture
Reading: Cloud Atlas ( yes...still) and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Bookmarking: The new Star Wars trailer
Feeling: very done with the semester
Loving: Cinnamon in my coffee
Listening: Alt-J on repeat
Watching: Game of Thrones
Wearing: Black Maxi skirt

Here's what I've been reading this week

For my future freshman next semester

Fashion Bloggers Beware

On quitting your passion

I think I did every entry in this girl's giveaway

Now I just got to be of legal drinking age

That coat

Perfect for Texas summer

So long freshman year

Work in Progress

Yeah right

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In design fashion life school

Background: "Whatever you are, be a good one" - Lincoln

Quote, inspirational, Lincoln, typography

     Hi lovelies! I made a thing! Here's a background I made for iPhone 5s and 5c, this should also work for iPhone 6.
Inspirational, quote, typography,

and here's one for 4 and 4s
iPhone, background, download, quote, inspirational, motivational, typography

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In life

Taking Stock: April week 2

     I'm so pumped for the Matt and Kim concert later this month. Their new video should be so freaking cool! I was gone a good part of last week for TIPA, and coming back I'm feeling very stressed from my classes. I really hate missing days in college because I feel like you learn so much in one day.

Wanting: A spa day
Reading: Cloud Atlas (still) and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn
Bookmarking: 5 tools and plugins for bloggers
Feeling: Rather dehydrated
Loving: My Formula X Nail care system
Listening: to Mac Miller pandora playlist
Watching: Game of Thrones
Wearing: All the baseball Ts

Here's what I've been reading this week:

So I REALLY need this girl's shoes

All the Pillows

Now get it work. work. work. work. 

On the transition from high school to college

Spring Cleaning the schedule

I definitely need a new one for spring

I don't think I'm emotionally ready for finals

Inspiration boards

Here's some posts I've had this week: Dealing with Difficult people // Conference style and Packing List // Things to do on Sunday for a perfect week // How to have a perfect morning 

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In career life school

How to deal with difficult people

people, social,

     There's a reason I'm an introvert. Whether we like it or not, difficult people are all around us. Yes the person who cut you off in traffic is a certain expletive, and yes that girl from high school you hated is another. However, I'm realizing in professional careers that there are just going to be  difficult people that we (as civilized human beings) just must interact with.

     I'm talking about the people you actually have to work with, not just smile at then grumble about afterwards and hope they didn't spit in your coffee. I've seen my fair share of difficult people, and I'll be the first to admit I haven't always responded to them in the best manner. Live and learn. Here are a few tips, both from experience and research, on how to deal with difficult people. 

1. Remember that it's all about them -  For the most part, people (including yourself) tend to only think about their circle of concern. Consider how you think about your day, you wake up and worry about your hunger, and your outfit, and what you have to do that day and so on. Everyone else does the same thing. We can't help that we're selfish beings, but acting like an adult means you have to show some consideration for others. If it makes you feel better, you can give yourself a gold star in your planner each time you're not a complete jerk back to difficult people. However, remember that people will very seldom notice your valiance of being the bigger person and keeping a level head, so buy a big pack of stickers.

2. Shake it off, Shake it off - Sorry for that. Sometimes simple people do things just to get a reaction out of you. This may come in the form of yelling, or shooting snide comments. If they see you aren't phased by their (clearly) pointless remarks they'll likely stop using them. No, that doesn't make you all high and mighty for ignoring them, so don't go talk about them behind their back. Don't give them that ammo against you. If difficult people are pushing your buttons, whether intentionally or not, ignore them until you feel it's necessary to respond, see below.

3. Confront em, but only if you really really really have to - Sometimes you've got to just put expletives in their place. When that time comes be a cool, non-grudge holding, comeback goddess. No amount of negativity can harm you. With this in mind respond to difficult people directly and in absolute private. Tell them directly what it is they do that upsets you (only superficially) and ask them if there is anything you could do to help them change their perception of you. This puts the ball in their court and makes you look like a considerate grown-up, and not the vengeful child that's probably filling your mind with certain adjectives.

4. Get over it - You are an influential person. But some, very sad, people are just punks. No amount of grace or private confrontations can change change this person's very unfortunate personality. Don't let these type of people affect your work or your outlook on it. There are just always going to be jerks, and the best you can do is to avoid them at all costs.

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In career life

Conference style

     I'm one of those nerds who loves conferences, I love meeting people and talking about what I love to do. I've only been to journalism conferences, but there's an alphabet soup of different programs, SPJ, EWA, ILPC and on and on.  This week I'm heading to The Texas Intercollegiate Press Association conference in San Antonio with The Shorthorn.

     Dress code is business casual, so I've whipped up a couple of looks I plan on bringing with me. I wanted outfits that were versatile enough for both the humid riverwalk area and the freezing conference rooms in the hotel, yet nice enough to look professional.

              College, dressy, business, casual, conference, College, conference, journalism, wardrobe,conference, college, wardrobe, spring, accessories,

conference, college, journalism, packing, packing list,

     I'm really excited to get to meet other student journalists this week, anyone going to TIPA or have tips for attending conferences?

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Taking Stock: April week 1

     Hi lovelies! Found this awesome new band above from pandora. It's going to be a busy week, I'm heading to San Antonio (check out a blog post about it tomorrow) and I've got some exams coming up. I've been working on school a lot this past month and I'm starting to get a little tired of the work.  Anyway, here's what I've been up to. 

Wanting: To go shopping insanely bad.
Reading: Cloud Atlas
Bookmarking: I weight how much?
Feeling: Motivated 
Loving: Audible! My commute is awesome now
Watching: The new season of Community
Wearing: My grey high tops rolled down for spring

Here's what I've been reading this week:

How to travel with strangers and why you should

This book review

How to get over the spring break blues

Getting ready for a night out

This quick and easy hair tutorial

Sandals, sandals and more sandals

Wishing I was this crafty

I really like these

I need one of these

Here's some posts I've had this week: My review of It Follows with almost no spoilers, How to be a bullet journaling wizard and my spring wardrobe favorite

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In career college health life

How to have a perfect morning

productivity, college, morning, coffee, organization,

     Sometimes (when I'm thinking very highly of myself) I call myself a morning person. In high school, classes started at 7:30, meaning you had to get up around 6 to even have a hope of looking decent (which most of the time I didn't.) In college I'm doing good to wake up around 8 to get some studying in before my first class at 10. But despite my later schedule, I still find myself rushing in the morning which makes me forget things, which makes the start to my day a little exhausting.

     Anyway, Madison over at MaddyKake and I have been brewing up a recipe for the perfect morning, the kind of morning where you aren't late, actually get coffee in, and for some strange reason get some studying done.

The night before:
  • Lay out your outfit for the next day - Include everything you’ll wear like jewelry and shoes so there’s no risk of forgetting something.
  • Pack your purse/backpack and lunchbox for the following day - Check your planner or schedule to make sure you aren’t forgetting things like calculators or textbooks for specific classes.
  • Only set one alarm - Setting a bunch of alarms on your phone might seem like the best way to get you up in the morning, but you’re more likely to to hit the snooze or turn if off if you know you have another alarm coming. Get a regular alarm clock from target and put it on the far side of the room. You’ll be forced to get out of bed to silence the thing.
  • Shower at night - There’s no way to get out of the door in 30 minutes if you plan on showering in the morning. After you shower, put some product in your hair, so in the morning all you’ll need is a quick run through with a brush.

The morning of :
  • Check your phone for any messages that may alter your schedule. Sometimes a teacher will ask you to bring a textbook or laptop to class at the last minute.
  • Make your bed. Start your day with organization and tidiness so that you can end it organized and more comfortably.
  • Multitask while getting dressed. Try to create a routine so that this uses the minimum amount of time. Make sure there is no idle time while waiting for the straightener to heat up or your moisturizer to dry. Always be busy!
  • Check your planner. A planner is an essential part of staying organized. By checking your planner in the morning, you have a last line of defense against assignments or homework you may have forgotten.

On the commute:
  • Eat breakfast. It’s so hard to make time for a real breakfast when you’re in a rush so bring a snack that you can eat while waiting for the bus. Breakfast replacement meals, granola bars, and fruit are a quick things that will fill you up, oh and coffee of course.
  • Put on any extra makeup you forgot. This time can be perfect for applying lipstick or mascara and your visor mirror comes in handy. Be sure to keep extra travel sized necessities (like deodorant or lipstick) in your backpack or car in case you forget in a rush.
  • Study a little. Take out your notes or flashcards to get a few minutes of work done on the bus or waiting for class to begin. This is a big help on test days, but studying a little every day will mean you have less work before a big test. Check out my post here about how to study flashcards.
  • Listen to an audiobook. Whether you’re driving, walking or taking a bus to campus, audiobooks are a great way to sneak in a few minutes of reading for pleasure.

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Things to do on Sunday for a smooth Week

college, to do, list, planning,

     Ok so this post is inspired by Blair over at Blair Blogs, you should definitely check out her original post here. I'm doing something similar and will include a lot of what she went over, but more geared towards my college ladies.

    Basically, if you do these 10 things over the weekend, you'll have a significantly better week during school. Yes, a lot of it is the boring stuff, but the few hours it takes you to get through this list will save you a dump truck of head ache during the weekdays.

1. Clean your Dorm/Apartment - This includes wiping down your bathroom counters and mirrors, washing your sheets, taking out your trash. You'd be amazed how fast these things can get out of hand during the week, having your apartment clean means you don't have to worry about it during the week.

2. Do laundry, then lay out your clothes - I try to only do one load of laundry during the week when my basket is full. Other than that, most of my laundry, including my delicates and sheets get washed on the weekend. After I make sure everything is clean, I like to lay out my clothes for the entire week, including accessories. This cuts down on trying on different things in the morning.

3. Restock - I hate having to go the grocery store during the week. Instead I try to plan out dinners, then go shopping once a week. I always restock on granola bars, fruit and other stuff I normally eat for breakfast too.

4. Make your flash cards - I don't think I could get through college without flashcards, but making them is such a chore. Normally I'll make flashcards while watching TV or something because it takes very little mental capacity. I never want to study my flashcards right after I make them either, so by making them ahead I get to relax knowing my study materials are already ready for me.

5. Check your Syllabi - I forgot to do this last weekend and I forgot about a  quiz, so that was terrible. I try not to study too much on the weekends, but by keeping up with your syllabi, you can know if you're on track for upcoming exams and stuff.

6. Do something you enjoy - People ask how I have time to work two jobs, go to school, and run a blog. My blog is my hobby, and it's pretty much what I do all weekend when I'm not out with friends. Doing something you enjoy during the weekend keeps you in a creative state of mind throughout the week.

7. Clean out your backpack or purse - I swear I'm an organized person, but I just can't keep my backpack clean. If I don't clean out my backpack at least once a week it gets a good pound heavier with all the junk I collect. Trash the trash, put papers where they're suppose to go, and for goodness sake shake out the crumbs from the crackers you were sneaking during class.

8. Spend time with your family - I go to school in my home town, so I get to see my parents a lot. If you moved away for college, face time your mom. Be a good daughter or son, a 15 minute face time or skype conversation will make your parent's week.

9. Get some sleep - Don't stay up until four in the morning reading or on pinterest. You're essentially giving yourself jet lag when you mess up your sleep schedule on the weekends.

10. Wash your car- I commute about 30 minutes to campus each morning, so I spend a lot of time in my car. Just like my backpack my car always starts to get trashed by the end of the week. I live next to a car wash, so I always try to wash my car during the week, especially with the pollen on everything recently. I also vacuum and clean everything out because I always feel a little more sane when my car is clean.

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In Calendar free printables print Printable


     I've been chanting a mantra recently: six more weeks. That's right! Only six more weeks until summer! I never thought I'd long for summer like I did as a kid. I still haven't decided whether or not to take summer classes. At the current moment I'm thinking absolutely not, but a friend said it's a good feeling to be done with a class in just two weeks.

free, printable, calendar, free printable

     So this is two days late but I made a calendar for April. I picked a pretty spring color and played around with gradients and text modification. It's one of my more minimalistic designs, but I feel like my work is starting to gravitate towards that.

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